„Design Bid Build (DBB)“ has been a firmly established approach in construction and architecture, but also in industry in general, for decades. It is a project delivery method that requires the completion of three different phases in a row – design, bid and build. It is a procedure that, despite the development and other approaches, continues to be a key point of modern architectural and construction business and a favorite among clients.


Getting to know the client and his real needs

Creation of the project assignment and tentative budget

Creation of conceptual solutions

Designing a conceptual project with visualization

Establishment of the final budget

Preparation of technical documentation required for tendering


Preparation of tender documentation

Sending tender documentation to micro components (closely specialized companies)

Consideration of the offer and selection of the most optimal offers for the clientn

Establishing final offers for the client with an outline dynamic plan

Preparation of additional technical documentation for the construction site


Signing contracts with micro components (closely specialized companies)

Introduction to the construction process

Development of a detailed dynamic plan

Monitoring the development of the project (within the timeframe and budget)

Evaluation of the quality and quantity of works

Project handover

Support for the proper functioning of the facility


Comprehensive Approach to Architectural Excellence


Design is a phase that includes getting to know the representative of the architectural office with the client and his real needs and working together on the creation of the project assignment. In this phase, joint work is also being done on the formation of the framework budget for the first conceptual solutions. After the conceptual solutions have been determined, the conceptual project will be developed, which will present the client with a clear idea with the help of 3D technology and which will contribute to the foundation of the final budget. When all the previous work is completed, the preparation of the main project for tendering and other technical documentation is started.


BID phase includes joining the tender procedure and the preparation of technical documentation for the execution of the project. In this step, a team of engineers breaks down the project into the smallest factors and sends bids to micro components (narrowly specialized companies) on individual works. After receiving feedback, the most optimal investors are considered. In this phase, a comprehensive offer is created and, in parallel, technical documentation for construction is prepared.


BUILD phase implies the creation of dynamic plans, that is, the determination of the time frame in which the implementation of the project should begin and when it should be finalized. Also, the construction site is managed, the supporting documentation related to the construction site is maintained, it is monitored whether the construction is proceeding within the stipulated time frame and that it is in accordance with the estimated budget. In short, the process is followed until the final handover of the works. In the third phase, investors are offered the possibility of providing long-term support in connection with the high-quality functioning of the facility.